Abu Jann


Strength 1X
Agility 1X
Intellect 12A
Willpower 12X

Edge 4/6
Calling: Vengeance
Hindrance: Over Confident

Scientific Genius … Bionics, Computers, Electronics, Mechanics, Physics, Robotics, Spacecraft, Superphysiology, Time Machinery, Weapon Systems

Corrosion 5

Darkforce Control 15
Limit: Stunt Only
Stunt: Darkforce Aura

Magic 8
Dimensional Travel
Limit: One Plane Only (Mephisto’s Realm)
Energy Blast
Force Field
Stunt: Summoning

Mind Control 14

Dark-Force-Boy Gun 5
Energy Blast
Dimensional Travel
Limit: Stunts Only
Stunt: Piggy-back
Stunt: Passengers
Homing System
Limit: Location-Specific (Tower of Sorcery)
Limit: Location-Specific (Tower of Sorcery)
Worthiness (Moloids Only)

Lamellar of Doom 10
Stunt: Absorption Boost
Stunt: Absorption Conversion
Stunt: Absorption Healing
Body Armor


von Doom’s goal is too take everything away from the Retaliator’s allies, just as the Retaliator took away all that he once had. Realizing that direct confrontation has not worked, he is willing to direct his machinations behind the scenes until his plans come into full fruition.

This von Doom is from Earth-D, an Earth where Doctor Doom is the first on the scene when the Fantastic Four first crashed following their bombardment with cosmic radiation. He quickly drained them of all their cosmic power before they fully recovered—all except Susan Storm, who was injured. Intending to nurse her back to health in order to insure that she not die before he would be able to drain all her newfound cosmic energy, he ended up falling in love with her and marrying her.

von Doom eventually became regent of Earth-D by fooling the world governments into a nuclear war and stepping in as the sole voice of reason. He quickly placed superhumans in concentration camps, killed any who dared to physically or verbally oppose him, and set up a policing orginization called SHIELD—the Strategic Hazard Interrogation Element Loyal to Doom.

The head of SHIELD, the Retaliator, eventually fell in love with Susan von Doom, and showed her the reality of von Doom’s world reign. In the end they both fled and joined the restistance group known as the Avengers. In what could have been their final battle the Retaliator blasted von Doom’s time platform as he was attempting to escaping with Susan. The resulting energy backlash sent the Retalitor to Earth-Prime and fused both von Dooms into one person, Empress Doom.

When the Crusaders were captured from a planet of tenticle demons by Empress Doom, they eventually escaped, teamed up with the Avengers, and successfully split the vonDooms. Victor had the Retaliator’s Body, Susan had the merged body, and the Retaliator was placed in a Moloid’s body which had been injected with Doom’s super soldier syrum.

The Retaliator eventually returned to the Crusaders using the Dark Force Boy Gun which Forge created for him. They were in yet another alternate Earth, and von Doom was forced into the moloid body. He later used the Dark Force Boy Gun to track The Crusaders back to their world, find the Tower of Sorcery, and corrupt it to his own purposes. The Tower of Sorcery built many magical items at his direction including the Lamellar of Doom, all to harm one of The Retaliator’s teammates—Chumba Bright—who hailed from the Tower of Sorcery’s Inner Most Circle. In battle with the Crusaders he lost the Dark Force Boy Gun, captured and lost the SHIELD helicarrier, and partially destroyed ESU campus.

It was only recently that the Crusaders dicovered that Victor and Abu Jann are one and the same. Until then, his whereabouts had been unknown for some time.

This character was created by Michael Montemayor, inspired by Doctor Doom created by Marvel Comics. Statistics created by Paul Tanton, inspired by Roster Book #0. Strategic Hazard Interogation Element Loyal to Doom created by Michael Montemayor, inspired by SHIELD created by Marvel Comics. The Retaliator created by Michael Montemayor. Image of the Retaliator with Dark Force Boy Gun on the Crusader Citadel home page created by Michael Jackson. Chumba Bright and the Tower of Sorcery created by Michael Jackson. The Avengers, Empire State University, the Fantastic Four, Forge, and Susan Storm created by Marvel Comics.

Abu Jann

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