ACME Avenger

Stephen Adams


Strength 10D
Agility 10C
Intellect 4C
Willpower 6D

Edge 2/4
Calling: Protector
Hindrance: Goody Two Shoes

Acrobatics, Driving
Computers, Trivia (Video Games)

Absorption (Kinetics) 11
Stunt: Healing

Elongation 4
Limit: Slow Retraction

Lightning Speed 8

Plasticity 8
Limit: Slow Retraction
Stunt: Disguise
Stunt: Hardening
Stunt: Liquidity

Regeneration 3
Stunt: Damage Transfer;
Stunt: Healing Others;
Limit: Preventative


Stephen Adams has just come into his powers. He is cheerful, excitable, and has been compared to a nerdy boy scout. The onset of puberty brought weird mastery of his body. Stephen had been picked on all his life. He went rock climbing one day; when he fell his power manifested itself. He began.

ACME Avenger was exposed to high dosages of radiation at the hands of an amped up Radioactive Man, reducing him to a liquid state. He and Nicholas were both inert when they were kidnapped from Crusader Citadel by the Mauraders and Mister Sinister. After his rescue Stephen exhibited no memories of the Crusaders. ACME Avenger currently fights crime solo, and is a semi-finalist in the Youth Entertainment Television Spokeshero Competition.

An adult version of ACME Avenger from our future recently showed up to assist the Crusaders during the Time Crusade. He apparently was once again familiar with the Crusaders. How his memories were regained and what other effects Mister Sinister had upon the youth have yet to be determined.

This character created by Chris Sanders. Nicholas and Youth Entertainment Television created by Paul Tanton. The Marauders, Mister Sinister, and Radioactive Man created by Marvel Comics.

Response Bonus Expenditures

#51: Plasticity 8
#52: Intellect 5C
#53: Severely Injured by Radioactive Man
#100: Edge 2

Failed Stunts