Roger Sopwith


Strength 7X
Agility 15A
Intellect 4X
Willpower 5X

Edge 1/3
Calling: Gloryhound
Hindrance: None

Acrobatic Genius
Acrobatics, Aerial Combat, Boomerang, Driving, Escape Artist, Fast Exit, Gadgetry, Luging, Piloting, Repair, Richochet, Skating, Surfing

Air Control 15
Stunt: “Air Armor” Force Field
Stunt: Air Ward
Stunt: Airboard
Stunt: Ear to the Wind
Stunt: Tornado

Pheromones 3

Resistance +10
Stunt: Electricity
Stunt: Gas
Stunt: Kinetics
Stunt: Radiation
Stunt: Stun

Boomerangs +2


Airborne is a cheerful teen who likes to be the center of media attention—taking the spotlight to where it properly belongs, at least in his opinion. He regards his friends highly and would do anything for them.

Airborne is a seventeen year old with attitude and excitement; ready to take on any challengers and show of his latest stunts. He takes on any challenge to show off his savvy speed and agility—almost always being the first to take the jump. While performing one of his stunts just before the upcoming Olympics he was struck down by a bolt of lightning. As it ionized around him he toppled to the ground, but before he hit the surface a pillow of air caught him. He missed the Olympics and his fifteen minutes of fame, but soon after he found himself able to control the body of air.

Now he works to get his fifteen minutes of fame (and then some) with his newly acquired powers. He hung around with the Crusaders until he was offered membership, which he accepted as a chance for more publicity. Currently, he has moved to the Seattle area following his father’s job transfer. Now that the Crusaders work out of the West Coast as well, might we see Airborne and his teammates working togther once again? After all, he was spotted with the Crusaders during the Time Crusade!

Response Bonus Expenditures

#69: Air Control 14
#70: Resistance +10
#71: Gadgetry, Acrobatic Genius, Agility 15A
#72: Air Control 15
#100: Resistance +10, Stunt: Electricity

Failed Stunts

#69: Resistance +10, Stunt: Telepathy
#70: Resistance +10, Stunt: Quakes; Air Control 14, Stunt: Sense Air Control
#72: Air Control 14, Stunt: Air Shapes