Strength 16A
Agility 9C
Intellect 4D
Willpower 10B

Edge 2/4
Calling: Demolisher, Vengence Against Ronin
Hindrance: Frenzied

Brawling, Clubs, Hammers, Sonic Slam
Fast Exit, Flinging
Photographic Memory
Intimidation, Military, Survival

Danger Sense 6
Stunt: Invisibility

Regeneration 16


Blackjack was a member of the same team Ronin was in the 1970s. After their last mission Blackjack promised to kill Ronin. When Professor Macs devised the plan to capture Omega X, Blackjack made it his personal goal to turn Ronin’s fiancee, Sights, into his personal little girl toy. She brainwashed better than expected, even going so far as to help him recover from his drug addictions. In the process, he actually developed a love for her in his own way—like that between a master and his dog.

After escaping both the Crusaders and Professor Macs in Colombia, Blackjack and Sights laid low for a while before plotting their next plan for revenge. Sights was able to deduce that a chance encounter between Blackjack and one Jade Harrison was in fact an opportunity to bait Ronin. The two set a trap for Ronin after confirming that Ms. Harrison was indeed Ronin’s niece. Blackjack didn’t expect Ronin to bring the Crusaders with him to a family affair, and he was taken into custody by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office before being handed over to Interpol.

This character, Professor Macs, Omega X, Sights, and Jade Harrison were created by Jon Bradley.


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