Captain Universe


Strength 0X
Agility 0X
Intellect 30X
Willpower 30X

Edge None
Calling: None
Hindrance: None


Animation 7

Astral Projection 20
Limit: Permanent

Cosmic Awareness 30

Cosmic Energy Control 25

Immortality 10

Power Amplification 30
Stunt: Extensive Amping
Stunt: Multiple Amplifications


Captain Universe has but one mission in its life, to protect the life of Eternity. It does so by increasing the abilities of good-aligned corporeal creatures within Eternity. Captain Universe only sticks around long enough to insure victory, before departing to assist another corporeal entity in another part of Eternity.

The Retaliator once detected Captain Universe at WaldoWorld. After communicating telepathically with Mindsword, it was discovered that five children in the park needed protection from an ELS sponsored genecide plan.

This character created by Marvel Comics. Stats created by Paul Tanton.

Captain Universe

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