Captain Psion

Jack Smith


Strength 8C
Agility 10B
Intellect 7C
Willpower 12A

Edge 2/4
Calling: Thrill-Seeker
Hindrance: Addicted to Nicotine

Brawling, Martial Arts Weapons
Demolitions, Marksmanship, Martial Arts
Assessment, Computers
Leadership, Meditation, Military, Mental Control

Blending 8
Stunt: Camoflage Clothes

Telekinesis 14
Stunt: Force Bolt
Stunt: Force Shield

Telepathy 9
Stunt: Team Link

Bio-Inoculator Pistol 10
Stun Blast

Blindness Flare 10
Light Control
Limit: Triggered by Remote Control
Stunt: Blinding Blast

Cluster Grenade +6
Contingent Attack

EMP Grenade +7
Electrical Control
Limit: Stunt Only
Stunt: Brown Out

Motion Sensor 10
Stunt: Heat
Stunt: Movement

Multi-Frequency Plasma Rifle 12
Energy Blast (Optional Energy Form)


Jack Smith is an American who has the ideals of a Captain America, but is a more down and dirty fighter. He was team leader of Omega X, until the team’s last mission. Former teammates of Ronin set up a trap for the team, captured them, and tortured them for 5 years before letting Captain Psion escape. As predicted, Smith led Ronin and his current team, the Crusaders, right into their trap…

Clockwork II called upon Captain Psion to repay his debt to the team by helping them in the Time Crusade. He joined Airborne, Black Knight, Kor, Mermaid, and Quicksand in assisting the Gallifreyan Security Forces in their battle against the dreaded Elements of Doom.

Captain Psion now works with the surviving members of Omega X to rehabilitate Blackhawk and Sights.

This character, Blackhawk, Omega X, Ronin, and Sights were created by Jon Bradley. The Gallifreyan Security Forces were created by the BBC. Black Knight and Captain America were created by Marvel Comics. Kor created by Michael Montemayor. Airborne created by Wayne Myers. Mermiad created by Kristy Ockunzzi. Quicksand created by Chris Sanders. Equipment were created by Jon Bradley, Paul Tanton, and Nick Fury’s Guide to Marvel Earth.

Response Bonus Expenditures

#100: %{color:blue}Intellect 7C %