Chumba Bright

The Bright Crusader


Strength 6B
Agility 6B
Intellect 10A
Willpower 20A

Edge 2/4
Calling: Peace of Mind
Hindrance: None

Climbing, Clubs, Wrestling
Contingent Attack, Martial Arts, Sleight of Hand
Dimensional Geography, Lore, Mythology, Occult
Leadership, Meditation, Teaching, Trance

Chi 4

Magic 15
Stunt: Rangeless

Regeneration 7
Stunt: Damage Transfer
Stunt: Healing Others

Telekinesis 7
Stunt: Force Bolt
Stunt: Force Field
Stunt: Force Flight
Stunt: Object Swarm
Stunt: Passengers

Telepathy 2
Stunt: Sedation
Stunt: Team Link


Chumba Bright is an outgoing and caring person who has only really been upset by bigotry. When he first completed his apprenticeship and left the dank halls of the Tower of Sorcery as a Mage of the Innermost Circle he was met with stares of dismay and outright distrust. He swore to use his powers only for good and bring the calling of sorcerer into a better light.

After the Crusaders deposed Empress Doom and restored the Retaliator to his rightful body, the former emperor used the Dark Force Boy Gun to trace the Crusaders to their home dimension. After some slight alterations, the gun was then used to track down the source of Chumba Bright’s mystical might—the Tower of Sorcery. Fully corrupting each circle, he took on the name Abu Jann before corrupting Chumba Bright himself. SHIELD was then forced to rescue the Crusaders from the clutches of Abu Jann, and arrested all current members of the Tower of Sorcery.

Following that disaster, Chumba quit using his real name and took on the codename Bright Crusader. He attempted to remain the calm eye at the center of the storm that is always the Crusaders. His hope was that the team could become the great force that the karmic wheel desired. But following the team’s adventures in the 1880s, he was called to strike out on his own. The karmic wheel desired that he help other individuals and teams reach their destinies as well. But like all wheels, it was only a matter of time before his path and that of the Crusaders coinsided again.

Currently, Bright Crusader has vowed to not use his mystic might due to events which have transpired in his travels.

Bright Crusader, his image, the Bright Crusader Tattoo image, the Retaliator with Dark Force Boy Gun image found on the home page, and the Tower of Sorcery were created by Michael Jackson. The Retaliator created by Michael Montemayor. Emperess Doom, Abu Jann, and the Dark Force Boy Gun created by Michael Montemayor and Paul Tanton, inspired by Doctor Doom created by Marvel Comics. SHIELD created by Marvel Comics.

Response Bonus Expenditures

#75: Telepathy, Stunt: Team Link
#76: Telepathy, Stunt: Sedation

Failed Stunts

#77: Telepathy, Stunt: Telelocation