Strength 9C
Agility 4C
Intellect 6C
Willpower 4C

Edge 1/3
Calling: Guardian of Time
Hindrance: None

Boxing, Clubs
Aerial Combat, Sleight of Hand
History, Lore (Time Stream)
Observation, Trance

Body Armor +1

Energy Blast 6

Flight 2
Stunt: Life Support

Gestalt 1

Immortality 3/10

Time Control 13
Stunt: Chronal Anchor
Stunt: Chronal Detection
Stunt: “Healing” (Regeneration)
Stunt: “Locked in Time” (Paralysis)
Stunt: Speed Burst
Stunt: “Stop Watch” (Velocity Control)
Stunt: “Watchtower”

Malodorous Whistle

Staff +5
Force Field


Little is known about Clockwork. While she is obviously a calm and caring individual, she appears to be a little reserved with her laid back approach and soft voice. She is tall and thin with long, jet-black hair and crystal blue eyes. She accents her look with black leggings, black boots, a long black suitcoat, and a grey button-up blouse. In her hand is a steel staff topped with a half-circle resembling a broken clock.

Recently, a woman claiming to be a future incarnation of Clockwork appeared from a clockhand-shaped staff and assembled Crusaders from throughout history to stop the machinations of the Chrononaut. This Clockwork had few memories of her past, and looked and acted different in many ways to the real Clockwork. It turned out that she was under the directive of the Time Council to break temporal law and assist her previous self in their/her struggles to return various lackeys of the Chrononaut to their original time zones.

This character was created by Kristy Ockunzzi.

Response Bonus Expenditures

#94: Body Armor +1
#96: Time Control 13
#97: Staff +5, Equipment Power: Unbreakable
#98: Time Control, Stunt: Chronal Anchor%
#99: Gestalt 1
#100: Unspent

Failed Stunts

#93: Time Control, Stunt: Multiple Targets
#98: Time Control, Stunt: “Chronal Weave”