Dr. Devon Ito


Strength 3X
Agility 3X
Intellect 9X
Willpower 10X

Edge 1/3
Calling: Guardian of co-workers
Hindrance: None

Scientific Genius … Biochemistry, Biology, Genetics, Medicine, Psychiatry, Radiology, Sociology, Super-Physiology

Reality Warping 15
Limit: Living Things Only
Stunt: Pocket Reality


Doctor Ito was a scientist for Wycroft Engineering until he saw the Reactive Agent on the television news. Inspired with the same cause, he led a group of protestors demanding better safety measures and equipment.

The Crusaders were first ensnared into that protest before defeating him and turning him over to Wycroft. The team was then forced to rescue him after discovering that he was being fatally tranquilized while in their care. He now resides at the West Coast Mansion as a temporary shelter from Wycroft while devising a new plan to rescue his peers from corrupt safety policies.

Ditto quickly switches between emotional states, but will always remain passionately loyal to the original Brain Trust. It is this loyalty which fuels his dislike of lax safety procedures and lack of proper safety equipment at Wycroft Engineering.

This character, Wycroft Engineering, and the Reactive Agent were created by Paul Tanton.


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