Dr. Galapagos

Dr. Peg Galap


Strength 5C
Agility 18B
Intellect 7B
Willpower 8C

Edge 2/4
Calling: Animal Nature
Hindrance: Triggered-Powerless (in the presence of Professor Metamorphose)

Climbing, Natural Weapons
Acrobatics, Contingent Attack, Martial Arts
Biology, Dimentional Geography, Genetics, Super-Physiology
Survival, Trance

Absorption 8
Stunt: Healing

Absorption (Kinetics) 8

Animal Control 2
Limit: Unpredictable

Animal Form 15
Stunt: Animal Control

Claws +2

Digging 2

Dimensional Travel 6
Stunt: Passengers

Enhanced Senses (All) 9

Image Summoning 8
Limit: Infrequent
Stunt: Prolonged Images

Paralysis 3
Stunt: Resistance to Paralysis

Power Duplication 2
Stunt: Power Storage

Protected Senses 3


Formally an instructor at Empire State University currently on sabbatical, Dr. Gallapegos is a reknown scientist in the fields of super-physiology, mutation, biological, and bio-chemical sciences. Born Peg Gallap, she found out about her mutant powers when she was around some pets. At first she’d start playing with them then she then would slip into acting like them and suddenly she had become one. It took some time and a number of embarrasments, but she eventually learned how to control the change but only when she knew it was coming. After still multiple embarrasments she decided to further study the phenomenae both in college and through other activites. Using her animal form she would enhance her abilities: mixing them with the particular advantages of the animal. She has met a number of folks in the profession, yet she is usually considered a loner in her studies. This is because of some of the more “extreme” studies she performs. During one of her studies of self experiementation she gave herself the ability to copy other powers and…

Deep within the basically good heart of Doctor Gallapegos, lies the truly untied experimenal nature of Professor Metamorphose. With little regard to authority the Professor performs his operation on both willing and unwilling victims as he deems fit. All to try to find the perfect combination of attributes and elements to create an unstoppable entity of unbridled power that the Professor wishes to become. This cold calculating creature is the first sign that the Professor is in, and the Doctor is out. This alternate personality believes that action happens in time, not with situation. This creature within her has an almost callous disregard to what is going on around him, including others who are his allies—unless they would prove useful. For to follow the most primal instincts is to be only an animal, but to use those powers to a logical and tyranical rule would be ideal.

Doctor Galapagos (and by extension Professor Metamorphose) created by Wayne Myers. Empire State University created by Marvel Comics.

Response Bonus Expenditures

#73: Animal Form 15
#75: Dimensional Travel 6
#76: Absorption (Kinetics) 8
#77: Enhanced Senses (All) 9

Failed Stunts

#73: Enhanced Senses, Stunt: Infravision