Strength 12D
Agility 8C
Intellect 6X
Willpower 8X

Edge 1/3
Calling: Exemplar of Atlantis
Hindrance: Fatally Vulnerable to Leaving Water, Susceptible to Fire

Atlantean Weapons
Ricochet, Underwater Combat

Atlantean Net +8


Skysword +6

Energy Reflection (Darkness)
Energy Reflection (Fire)
Energy Reflection (Light)
Energy Sheath (Water)
Limit: Stunt Only
Stunt: Pheromonic Communication
Water Control
Unable to be lost


Kor and his twin sister, Adrianna, were hunting past the outskirts of Atlantis when charges of high treason were brought against Kor’s father. At the time conviction of high crimes ran through the whole family lineage, primarily due to the concept of guilt by association. Both of Kor’s parents were executed. The twins each received one of the family weapons, which magically transfer to an heir upon the death of its current possessor.

The twins vowed to find the missing Namor. They’re certain that their family name will be cleared with his help. Adrianna scoured for Namor in Europe, where he faught Nazis during World War II. Kor searched New York, where Namor was once an Avenger and once ran Oracle, Incorporated. He agreed to help the Crusaders in their battles in exchange for their help in searching for Namor.

Namor washed up on the beach dehydrated by the power of the Coral Scepter. The Avengers agreed to help Namor find Adrienne and the Sea Trident while Kor led the Crusaders to the Coral Scepter . Following a battle with a Doombot and his lackeys, Kor, Adrianna, and Michael used the innermost power of the Sky Sword, Sea Trident, and Coral Scepter respectively. The innermost power of each weapon was directed at the other two weapons in order that they might be destroyed, even though the weilders knew it would cost them their lives.

Kor was seen again during the Time Crusade with Airborne, the Black Knight, Captain Psion, Mermaid, and Quicksand assisting the Gallifreyan Security Forces in their battle against the invading Elements of Doom.

Kor and Adrianna were created by Michael Montemayor. The Gallifreyan Security Forces were created by the BBC. Captain Psion created by Jon Bradley. The Avengers, Black Knight, Namor, and Oracle, Incorporated were created by Marvel Comics. Airborne created by Wayne Myers. Michael was created by Ken Norton. Mermaid created by Kristy Ockunzzi. Quicksand created by Chris Sanders.

Response Bonus Expenditures

#69: Sky Sword: Energy Reflection (Darkness)
#70: Resistance: Gas
#71: Sky Sword: Water Control
#72: Body Armour +1
#73: Mortally Wounded by combined might of the Sky Sword, Sea Trident, and Coral Scepter.
#100: Sky Sword: Energy Reflection (Fire)

Failed Stunts

#66: Resistance: Light
#68: Resistance: Blinding, Resistance: Kinetics
#70: Resistance: Air
#72: Resistance: Heat