Krystall Sone



Strength 5X
Agility 7B
Intellect 4B
Willpower 5C

Edge 0/2
Calling: Thrill-Seeker
Hindrance: None

Aerial Combat, Marksmanship, Piloting
Aeronautics, Assessment, Spacecraft
Military, Observation

Sea King-Castlehouse VTOL
Cargo Pods (x4)
Hull Strength 17
Flight 10
Lights 1
Laser Guns +6 (x2)
Passengers 8
Radar Sense 11
Sonar 11
Space Flight 5
Sting Missiles +9 (x2)
Torpedoes +7 (x2)
Vibranium Fuel Source


Krystall was a pilot for Stark International and the US Army National Guard when she was called to serve in the Persian Gulf War. It was her wartime experiences with the Green Berets that made her suitable for the job as the Crusaders’ pilot. Since joining the Crusaders’ support staff, The Retaliator has met mixed success in courting her. Krystall can usually be seen wearing a dark blue losse-fitting jumpsuit underneath a brown leather jacket. Imprinted on the back of the jacket is a big white “C”.

This character created by Paul Tanton. Her costume, the Retaliator, and the Sea King-Castlehouse VTOL image created by Michael Montemayor. The Sea King-Castlehouse VTOL created by Michael Montemayor, inspired by the original unmodified Sea King Helicopter statistics available in the SHIELD Guide to Marvel Earth. Stark International created by Marvel Comics.

Krystall Sone

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