The Archangel


Strength 16B
Agility 15A
Intellect 8A
Willpower 9A

Edge 1/3
Calling: Protector
Hindrance: Hateful of supernatural evil

Clubs, Shields, Swords
Acrobatics, Aerial Combat, Contingent Attack, Flinging
Energy Control, Law, Occult, Theology
Finance, Law Enforcement, Observation, Tracking

Detection 1
Stunt: Lie Detection

Hyperlinguistics 2

Immortality 10

Light Control 12
Stunt: “Cloud Attack” Light Throwing Stars
Stunt: Flight
Stunt: Invisibility
Stunt: Laser
Stunt: Light Armour
Stunt: Light Daggers
Stunt: “Light Form” Light Body
Stunt: Light Shapes
Stunt: Light Sword
Stunt: Mach Control
Stunt: Purification
Stunt: Resist Light
Stunt: Strobe

Postcognition 1

Regeneration 16
Stunt: Healing

Space Flight 1

Bright Crusader’s Key (?)
(The powers and intensities of this item are unknown at this time.)


Michael is an amnesiac who originally fell to Earth while the Crusaders were fighting the Yellow Man in the small Latin American nation of San Bernardino. He is fun-loving, joyful, and desires to have the companionship of other people. However, he becomes very serious when innocents are threatened.

It has since been discovered that he is the Archangel Michael, though that fact was concealed from him by his teammates for quite some time. He was temporarily exiled from the Archangel Council and Heaven for wanting to take a direct hand in the affairs of Earth. His hatred of the supernatural got the best of him. The other archangels took a majority of his memories and abilities away, then sent him to Earth to do as he wished. He suffered from amnesia until his recent attempt to sacrifice his life in order to destroy the evil of the Coral Scepter. He does not yet have his full memories of his true past and full abilities, yet continues his war against evil. This is especially true of supernatural evil.

Recently, Ronin entrusted Michael with a key which had been in turn entrusted to him by the Bright Crusader. The nature of the key and the purpose behind its secrecy have yet to be reveiled.

This character was created by Ken Norton. The nation of San Bernardino and the Yellow Man were created by Paul Tanton. Ronin created by Jon Bradley. Bright Crusader and his key created by Michael Jackson.

Response Bonus Expenditures

#71: Willpower 9A
#72: Light Control: Resist Light
#73: Detection 1, Immortality 10
#74: Removed Regeneration: Solar Only
#75: Postcognition 1

Failed Stunts

#55: Light Control: Micro-Mach
#69: Light Control: Detect Light