Niko Nikata


Strength 10B
Agility 9B
Intellect 8C
Willpower 9A

Edge 2/4
Calling: Mentor
Hindrance: Code of Honour

Climbing, Martial Arts Weapons, Swords
Acrobatics, Escape Artist, Martial Arts
Biochemistry, Espionage
Art, Meditation, Observation, Tracking

Astral Projection 2

Danger Sense 1

Emotion Control 3

Gestalt 1

Lightning Speed 2

Telekinesis 10
Stunt: Flight
Stunt: Force Field

Telepathy 11
Limit: Honor Bound
Stunt: Exorcism
Stunt: Inflict Pain
Stunt: Life Detection
Stunt: Mind Probe
Stunt: Psi-Invisibility
Stunt: Psi-Screen
Stunt: Psi-Tracking

Nikata Family Katana +4
Nikata Family Wakizashi +3


“There is a certain irony, " I think, as the plane touches down at JFK Airport. Americans attach so much to the last name Kennedy, it has almost an Imperial feel to it. It signifies hope to them; perhaps it can mean teh same to me. My hope is tempered by rain and turbulence that buffet the plane, a bad omen. Of course, I already know that the path laid before me will be difficult.

My name is Neko Nakata, and I am the last of my family. The Nakata name is an old one, going back some 1000 years. We are a family stepped in old traditions, ones that have worn away across Japan in the face of modern times. We were samurai, those that followed the bushido code, and protected the Empire. We fought against many enemies, from mystical demons to barbarians. Always though, we remained opposed to the ninja. The ninja do not follow the code, preferring to strike from the shadows, without honor.

The Empire has fallen, giving way to the new demon: money. Men sit in buildings that soar into the sky, controlling the world from obscurity. Conspiracy, greed, crime, and lust for power now control so much. It has become the world of the ninja. Foremost of the ninja is a family whose name is now lost. They are simply known as the Hand. Long has my family feuded with them and the masters that they work for. Who are these masters? I wish I knew. It seems that they are eternal, like gods who play with the will of man.

The battle that we, the Nakata family, have fought for so long seems nearly over. In the last year, the Hand has struck with savage fury. We had been contacted by Hiruma Oshima, head of the Oshima Company, to defend his life. He had heard that someone had contract the Hand to kill him. My brother Usagi was the one who began to guard Mr. Oshima. It was he who killed 3 Hand assassins, saving Mr. Oshima’s life. One week later, my brother and Mr. Oshima were found dead, by the obvious mark of the Hand. The family dojo, the Golden Tiger, gathered and were warned by Master Morihei to be on guard. He sensed that great troubles were coming for our family.

One by one, my family was assassinated. Through my contacts in Tokyo, I got word of who the assassin was. His name is Yuri Hanaru. He goes by the name Imprint in the world of shadows. He is considered the best assassin the Hand currently has. He was born with the mark of evil, a dagger like mark on his palm. As he grew in Hand training, he developed supernatural powers. He can touch someone and asume his likeness. At the same time he reads their mind quickly, picking up their mannerisms. He is the perfect dagger of the Hand, one who can get close to anyone.

It is on his hands, that the blood of my family rests. When I returned to the dojo, to warn everyone, I found evidence of his work. Those that remained of the family were dead. I found the evidence of his work. Those that remained of the family were dead. I found them killed as if they were not expecting an attack. He killed them without honor. The worst was Master Morihei’s death. I found him before Buddha in prayer. A blade had been slide into his side by someone praying next to him. Master Morihei always prayed with his son Miroto. I found Miroto at the door to his room, slain with is back to the door.

With fury I went searching for Yuri. I have learned that the Hand believes all of Nakata died that night. I have learned that the change that Yuri’s powers do not work against one whose will is strong. I have continued to train as I tracked him. Finalyy, I learned that he is in New York, as is the master of the Hand. I come to New York to find him and let my ancestors guide my blade. Finding him will not be easy. I do not have the contacts and friends I had in Tokyo. I will need allies.

I have learned that the samurai here are called “super-heroes”. They fight against the world of the ninja. It is amongst them that I will find my allies. I will need a new family to defeat the Hand. My path is set and my mind and body are one. I will follow these heroes and be known as Mindsword.

Mindsword and Imprint were created by Chris Sanders.

Response Bonus Expenditures

#93: Danger Sense 1
#94: Crusader Citadel: Ward versus Spirits
#97: Telepathy, Stunt: Exorcism
#98: Emotion Control 3
#99: Gestalt 1
#100: unspent

Failed Stunts

#59: Telepathy, Telelocation