Mister S


Strength 1X
Agility 14X
Intellect 0X
Willpower 0D

Edge 0/2
Calling: Solder
Hindrance: None


Invisibility 5
Stunt: Inaromatic
Stunt: Inaudibility
Stunt: Intangibility
Stunt: Invisibility to Machines


When the Crusaders first set up their East Coast Warehouse location, Bright Crusader summoned an Unseen Servant to perform housecleaning duties for the team. When Stark International brought its own operations staff to the Crusader Citadel, the new staff members gave it the nickname “Mr. S.” short for Mister Spook. Mister Propriory even gave it the title Head of Housecleaning. Now that the team has effectively abandonned the site, the Unseen Servant continues to tidy up for the homeless family which sleeps there.

This character and Bright Crusader created by Michael Jackson. Statistics for this character created by Paul Tanton. Mister Propriory created by Paul Tanton. Stark International was created by Marvel Comics.

Mister S

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