(Yellow Man Phase II)


Strength 25X
Agility 17X
Intellect 5X
Willpower 5X

Edge 2/4
Calling: Youthful Exuberance
Hindrance: Naive


“Cocoon” Body Armour 25
Limit: Preventative
Limit: Triggered by…
(Let’s not spoil their surprise!)

Computer Link 5
Stunt: Mechanical Link

Hyperlinguistics 15

Resistance 25
All Stunts


Nicholaus eagerly wanted to learn everything he possibly could. After Yellow Man Phase I was defeated, he fell into a cocoon. When he emerged he appeared human except for his yellow colouring and seven foot height. He bonded to Doctor Galapagos and Bright Crusader as his “adoptive parents”, but both eventually abandoned him. He latched onto “Uncy Miles”—aka the Retaliator—as a parental figure before entering yet another cocoon phase. This phase was apparently caused when he lost conscienceness while in contact with some alien machinery via Computer Link. He was still in a coma when he and ACME Avenger were kidnapped by the Marauders and Mister Sinister.

This character created by Paul Tanton. ACME Avenger created by Chris Sanders. Bright Crusader created by Michael Jackson. Doctor Galapagos created by Wayne Myers. The Mauraders and Mister Sinister created by Marvel Comics. The Retaliator created by Michael Montemayor.


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