Strength 7C
Agility 7B
Intellect 6D
Willpower 11C

Edge 1/3
Calling: Responsibility of Power
Hindrance: Guilt-Ridden to do the right thing

Boxing, Clubs
Construction, Flinging, Repair
Observation, Teaching

Density Control 7
Stunt: Control Other’s Density
Stunt: Phasing

Flight 2
Limit: Only when shrunk

Size Alteration 9
Limit: Shrinking Only
Stunt: Power Growth


Quark was a lab assistant to Doctor Henry Pym before assisting the Crusaders during the Infinity War crossover and the Time Crusade.

Quark created by Chris Sanders. Doctor Henry Pym and the Infinity War created by Marvel Comics.

Response Bonus Expenditures

#100: Flinging, Agility 7B

Failed Stunts