The Retaliator

General Miles Castlehouse, Esq. (Retired)


Strength 18C
Agility 11B
Intellect 6A
Willpower 5D

Edge 2/4
Calling: Adventurer
Hindrance: Guilt-Ridden (over the loss of Susan von Doom)

Brawling, Clubs
Acrobatics, Fast Exit, Piloting
Disguise, Espionage, Robotics, Weapons Systems

Absorption (Darkness) 7

Body Armor +4

Cosmic Awareness 7

Cosmic Energy Control 10
Stunt: Cosmic Detection
Stunt: Distance Healing
Stunt: Space Flight
Stunt: Starburst

Density Control 1

Energy Reflection 8

Flight 7

Life Support 15

Equalizer Cape +5
Limit: Strength and Agility Only
Stunt: Power Theft
Stunt: Worthiness (Strength 15)


Imagine living in constant terror, being afraid to go to the movies or the supermarket. This is the world that the Retaliator hails from.

On an Alternate Earth not so long ago, Dr. Doom captures the Fantastic Four shortly after the team crash-lands their experimental retrorocket. He then drains all of their cosmic energy from them except for Susan Storm. Susan is spared the process since she is too critically injured from the crash.

Doom then pulls his diplomatic strings to politically maneuver Earth’s nations into World War Three! Months later, he reappears, donned in a brand new suit of power armor enhanced by the energies of the Cosmic Battery. He quickly dominates the Earth, destroying all those who stand in his way.

Meanwhile, Doom’s propaganda machine convinces the general population that the world’s governments and super heroes were jointly responsible for the subsequent nuclear holocaust. Where Doom walks, his new armor actually absorbs the residual radiation ravaging the planet.

The people of Earth rally and hail Emperor Doom as the absolute dictator of a unified planet. The world governments and the United Nations are dissolved.

Meanwhile, Doom nurses back to health the critically injured Susan Storm. Doom’s intentions are less than honorable, as he intends to drain her of cosmic energy when she returns to her physical peak. He allows her full use of his castle during her recovery phase.

But things don’t always work out as planned. Susan is totally consumed by Doom’s propaganda machine, and while being kept ignorant of Doom’s true role in the nuclear wars becomes infatuated with the savior-king. Doom reciprocates her affection and names her as his reigning Invisible Queen.

At just that instant, Doom’s earlier scheme of creating Ultimate Warriors takes fruit. This conditioning begins at infancy. It consists of intense physical and academic training in warfare and espionage tactics, as well as extreme physical and psychological torture. When the subject is ready, he is injected with an occult-boosted super-soldier serum and becomes an Ultimate Warrior, loyal only to Doom. This Warrior then becomes an agent of SHIELD (Supreme Headquarters Interrogation Element Loyal to Doom).

This is the world of the Retaliator. He rises through the ranks to lead SHIELD.

In time, the Retaliator faces a moral dilemma over the consequences of his actions.

He’s ashamed and embarrassed over his unrequited love with the Invisible Queen. He’s ashamed that he helped Emperor Doom cover up the truth in the circumstances of the death of her brother and friends. And he’s revolted that he took part in helping Doom establish mutant concentration camps. He changes from being a soldier to being a repentant. But what can one man do against an entire world?

Meanwhile, the Invisible Queen is blissfully ignorant of the true horrifying circumstances behind Doom’s iron-fisted tyranny of the Earth, believing him to ever be the compassionate ruler. She doesn’t suspect that the oppressed people of Earth live in constant fear and squalor.

The Retaliator shows Susan the truth. They make a desperate last stand with the resistance squad against Doom and the Earth Royal Forces.

As the tide of battle turns, Doom attempts a final, all-out blast of pure, disintegrating cosmic energy to repay Susan for her treachery. The Retaliator pushes the Invisible Queen aside and gets hit by the disintegration ray.

The sheer magnitude of the blast propels the Retaliator through the time machine to a preprogrammed destination which was to be later conquered by Doom. That destination is Earth-Prime.

The Retaliator has no way to return home. He—along with his new friends Chumba Bright, Doctor Galapagos, and Obedience—forms the Crusaders. Their mission is to defend the Earth from unconventional and supernatural threats.

As time goes by, new heroes join and leave the team, but at least one of the core members are always present.

The opportunity to return home eventually presents itself. The Retaliator and the Crusaders join forces with alternate versions of the Avengers and the X-Men to defeat Emperess Doom.

In battle, the Retaliator prefers to allow his enemies to take the first swing at him, unless innocents are endangered. This way he can test his opponent’s strengths and

He prefers straight brawling and sonic slams, yet he will resort to hyper breath, clubs, and advanced weaponry if needed. His SHIELD training has taught him espionage and weapons systems skills. He has also picked up robotics and disguise.

The Crusader’s greatest current enemy is Abu Jann, which is the name Doom took when he finally journeyed to Earth-Prime. Other outstanding threats include the genetic horror Arnim Zola, the ninja Imprint, the Elements of Doom (no relation), the Taskmasters of Evil, and the terrorist organizations Hydra and AIM.

The time has come for the Retaliator to lead the Crusaders. He faces several moral dilemmas. His susceptibility to mind control marks him as an easy target and a great threat to the team.

He still regrets the actions that he took as the head of SHIELD, when he helped Doom subjugate the Earth, and subsequently, when he abandoned Susan von Doom in a dimensional curtain.

She now wanders the dimensions; her body merged with the body of her estranged husband to create a hideous mockery of life.

The occult enhanced super-soldier serum which courses throughout his bloodstream seems to be unstable, being further aggravated by the near moral wounds that he suffered at the hands of the Elements of Doom. Those same wounds robbed him of his phenomenal regeneration.

He has apparently forgotten about the android replacements for Ronin, Obedience, and Dr. Galapagos that he created when the rest of the Crusaders unexpectedly disappeared.

And the Retaliator has to conquer the self-doubt that has been welling inside him since his latest defeat.

Nonetheless, the Retaliator intends to make the Crusaders the premier super hero team in California. Special communications lines will allow federal and local law enforcement agencies to contact the Crusaders when needed. He intends to target his enemies and bring them to justice. His biggest ambition is to free the denizens of
the Hole.

This character and the Earth Royal Forces were created by Michael Montemayor. AIM, Arnim Zola, the Avengers, Doctor Doom, the Elements of Doom, the Fantastic Four, Hydra, the Masters of Evil, SHIELD, Susan Storm, Taskmaster, and the X-Men were created by Marvel Comics. The Invisible Queen and Supreme Headquarters Interrogation Element Loyal to Doom were created by Michael Montemayor, inspired by Marvel Comics. Abu Jan and Emperess Doom created by Paul Tanton, inspired by Michale Montemayor and Marvel Comics. The Hole and Obedience created by Paul Tanton. Imprint created by Chris Sanders. Chumba Bright created by Michael Jackson. Doctor Galapagos created by Wayne Myers. Ronin created by Jon Bradley.

Response Bonus Expenditures

#95: Strength 18C
#96: Removal of Susceptibility to Mind Control
#97: Density Control 1, Absorption (Darkness) 7
#98: Equalizer Cape +5: Worthiness (Strength 15)
#99: Leadership, Intellect 5D
#100: unspent

Failed Stunts

#55: Energy Sheath, Tunneling
#58: Cosmic Energy Control, Ability Boost
#80: Resistance, Telepathy