Caesar Drake


Strength 15A
Agility 10A
Intellect 10A
Willpower 15A

Edge 3/5
Calling: Repentant
Hindrance: None

Boxing, Brawling, Climbing, Clubs
Acrobatics, Flinging, Marksmanship, Martial Artist
Criminology, Electronics, Espionage, Weapons Systems
Military, Observation, Survival, Taunting

Danger Sense 11

Hyperlinguistics 4
Stunt: Language Transfer

Invulnerable to Aging 10
Invulnerable to Power Duplication 10
Invulnerable to Radiation 10

Leaping 5
Stunt: Power Slam
Stunt: Ricochet

Life Support 5

Regeneration 16
Stunt: Damage Transfer
Stunt: Disease Remission
Stunt: Distance Damage Transfer
Stunt: Healing Others

Resistance +1
Stunt: Poison


Ronin is between twenty-seven and thirty-three years of age in appearance with a weight range of 250-260 pounds and a height of six foot three inches. His eyes are greyish-blue, and his hair is black. He prefers to wear black or dark colours. He has mentioned before about being an assassin prior to the Vietnam Conflict, which puts his age considerably higher. Obviously, he was good at what he did since he is still around. According to certain reports, he was part of at least two different covert teams.

The first such team supposedly met its demise at his hands. A few years later, the second team was ambushed on their last mission. According to some sources, Ronin’s fiancee died during this mission. He has exemplified exceptional combat ability and leadership, which lends credence to the idea that he may have been to one of the military academies or at least have some officer experience.

He has demonstrated the ability to speak multiple languages, which is in accordance with the speculation that he has been involved with numerous operations worldwide. Rumours connect him to SHIELD, the CIA, MOSSAD, and the US Department of Justice. His familiarity with Colonel Nicholas Fury, the Black Widow, and Captain America backs up this speculation.

Guesses to his upbringing suggest that he was raised in the eastern United States, probably in a large city. It is also rumoured that his father served in the military at one time. Ronin has been spotted in Arlington National Cemetery at times. All efforts to cement this information have been inconclusive. He has demonstrated a large financial capacity and numerous residences under various names.

It seems that his past is contrary to his current intension to help people. He has joined the Crusaders and even written the by-laws and charter for the organization. He has mentioned before that he is, “…alleviating my karmic debt so as to become a better individual.” All in all, Ronin has consistently put his powers to the test for the Crusaders.
Ronin created by Jon Bradley. SHIELD, Colonel Nicholas Fury, Black Widow, and Captain America created by Marvel Comics.

Response Bonus Expenditures

#96: Life Support 5
#97: Danger Sense 10, Invulnerability to Power Duplication 10
#98: Leaping 5
#99: Danger Sense 11
#100: Edge 3

Failed Stunts

#71: Resistance: Fire


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