Strength 10D
Agility 20A
Intellect 5C
Willpower 7D

Edge 1/3
Calling: Idealist
Hindrance: None

Martial Arts Weapons
Acrobatics, Flinging, Martial Arts, Ricochet
Espionage, Mechanics

Adaptation 1 “Micro Environment”

Gestalt 1

Life Support 1

Lightning Speed 1

Regeneration 10

Space Flight 1

Teleportation 9
Stunt: Passengers
Stunt: Quick Turnaround
Stunt: “Shifting Step” (Flight)
Stunt: Summoning


Out of several individuals grown in a secret lab from the recombined DNA of several mutants, Shift was one of the few successes. Artificially aged to maturity, he had martial and espionage skills instilled into him via direct nerve stimulus and memory implantation. Designed to be the perfect assassin and spy, he was oddly reluctant to actually take an innocent life. He seemed to have absorbed the more pacifistic philosophies of the various martial arts along with their physical techniques. As a result, he was also implanted with a control device and cortex bomb in case he was ever unwilling to follow the commands of his secret masters.

On one of his first training missions, he was supposed to go to an amusement park and murder someone at random, then teleport back to base with proof of his kill. At the last minute he resisted, and interfered with a fellow assassin, as they were about to complete their first kill. The other assassin shot him in the head, and the cortext bomb was activated, blowing out the back of his skull and taking part of his brain matter with it. Left for dead, his artificially accelerated physiology kicked into high gear, revealing a heretofore-latent regenerative ability and repaired the damage.

Awaking in a pool of blood and brain matter with no memories, he found some clothes and money on a nearby body (his original target, killed by the other assassin to remove all witnesses). He staggered about in a semi-delirious haze as his body finished rebuilding the missing portions of his brain stem. Eventually attracted to the bright lights of a nearby amusement park, watching the sights and participating in games of skill. He was accidentally drawn into one of Arcade’s death trap scenarios after he unconsciously used his teleport ability to cut in line for a ride. The Crusaders have since unofficially adopted him.

Shift created by Russ Stanley. Arcade created by Marvel Comics.

Response Bonus Expenditures

#95: Adaptation 1, “Micro-Environment”
#96: Teleportation 9
#97: Teleportation, “Shifting Step” (Flight)
#98: Space Flight 1
#99: Gestalt 1
#100: unspent

Failed Stunts

#88: Teleportation: Reshift
#99: Adapation: Life Support