Agent 33


Strength 4D
Agility 5D
Intellect 6B
Willpower 5C

Edge 2/4
Calling: Idealist
Hindrance: None

Criminology, Espionage, Weapon Systems
Military, Observation

Body Armor +3
Stun Blaster +4


Only Response Bonus:
Nick Fury’s SHIELD #1: Observation, Willpower 5C

Agent 33 sees SHIELD as the protector of all humanity and hero worships Nick Fury. He has served with distinction, and led his first team when combating the combined threats of Abu Jann, the Crusaders, and the Tower of Sorcery.

This character created by Paul Tanton. SHIELD and Nick Fury created by Marvel Comics. Abu Jann created by Paul Tanton, inspired by Michael Montemayor and Marvel Comics. The Tower of Sorcery created by Michael Jackson.

Agent 33

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