(Obediah Reliance)


Strength 10D
Agility 10C
Intellect 10B
Willpower 10A

Edge 1/3
Calling: Protector
Hindrance: None

Marksmanship, Sleight of Hand
Assessment, Criminology, Sociology
Law Enforcement, Mental Control, Mesmerism, Observation

Hypnosis 14
Stunt: Broadcastable
Stunt: Multiple Targets


Detective Reliance was a member of the NYPD for many years. He noticed that many of the superbeings which fought in NYC were easily mind controlled. So he sought early retirement and went on a quest to discover the secrets of the human mind. While he reveils little about that quest it is certain that it has served him—and society—well. Obedience is often quiet in new situations, but can become talkative amonmg friends. It is his assertation that he and others like him must protect humanity from itself. It is because of their shared values that he became a founding member of the Crusaders.

This character created by Paul Tanton.


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