Anna Stone


Strength 6D
Agility 14A
Intellect 9C
Willpower 4D

Edge 1/3
Calling: Soldier
Hindrance: Phobia of Snakes, Unlucky

Martial Arts Weapons
Acrobatics, Contingent Attack, Marksmanship, Martial Arts
Espionage, Weapon Systems

Lightning Speed 7
Stunt: Invisibility

Regeneration 9
Stunt: Healing

Energy Handgun +7
Energy Rifle +9
Back-up Handgun +4
Will also carry a variety of Martial Arts Weapons of +2 to +5


Sights is an Italian American who was once characterized as determined, patient, & wise, yet still good humoured enough to enjoy partying. As a member of Omega X she met, and later became engaged to, Ronin. When the team was capture by former teammates of Ronin, she was the main target of brain washing. Equipment was connected to her which monitored her thoughts. Whenever her mind thought of Ronin, her stone cell was filled with thousands of snakes. After a few minutes Blackjack would come into the room and throw the snakes out of the room by the handfull. While those snakes would once again be used against her, after several years of torture she eventually became to associate snakes with Ronin. Worse, she began to see Blackjack as her personal hero. Eventually, Sights and Blackjack became engaged. Her present from Blackjack was release from the life of a prisoner. Her present to Blackjack was to help him cope with his drug addiction.

After successfully escaping Professor Macs and the Crusaders in the jungles of Columbia, the couple remained in hiding. After a few months of recovery, they hatched a new scheem to destroy Ronin. Calling a wrong number, they stumbled across Jade Harrison in North Hollywood. From there it was a piece of cake to lure Ronin into another trap. Too bad for them Ronin brought the team along!

The Sights of Earth-D was a founding member of the Crusaders of Earth-D, a team created in honour of the heroes who came and rid their world of Emperess Doom. They use Doom’s castle in Latveria as a base of operations. This Sights still retains her original personality.

This character, Omega X, Ronin, Blackjack, Professor Macs, and Jade Harrison were created by Jon Bradley. Empress Doom created by Paul Tanton, inspired by Michael Montemayor and Marvel Comics.


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