The Yellow Man

(Yellow Man Phase I)


Strength 25D
Agility 2X
Intellect 0X
Willpower 0X

Edge 1/3
Calling: Destroyer
Hindrance: None


“Cocoon” Body Armor 25
Limit: Preventative
Limit: Triggered when at 0 Health
Resistance 25


The Yellow Man is an eight-foot tall humanoid with no features on its oval face. It exhibits no intelligence, just destroying everything in its path. It first appeared when it crashed into a Manhattan street, but was seen again under the control of M-Branch in the Central American nation of San Bernardino. After its defeat there it gestated in its cocoon form in Doctor Galapagos’s lab at Crusader Citadel until it hatched into its Phase II form.

This character and the nation of San Bernardino were created by Paul Tanton. Doctor Galapagos created by Wayne Myers. M-Branch was created by Marvel Comics.

The Yellow Man

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